Welcome Note by Dr. Dmitry Ivanov

Dear participants of the Advanced Laser, Optics and Photonics Congress. On behalf of the International Committee, it is our great honor to welcome all of you on this greatest even in the beautiful city of Paris, the origin of French and European culture. No doubts, our recent technological leap in elaboration of new materials with predesigned properties to a large degree owes to the development of femto- and pico-second laser technique. This has opened up new opportunities for high-precision processing of a wide range of materials, including dielectrics, semiconductors, and metals. Numerous industrial applications in fields of micromachining, micro-optics, photonics, life science, and surface functionalizing have got powerful impact in their development and have got a general tendency of scaling to nanometer size. The ability of ultrashort lasers to localize the energy deposition into nanometer range and on picosecond time scale makes it possible to perform selective material modification and to form unique structures on materials surfaces, not achievable by any other means. In this context, the modern laser technique has become probably the most powerful tool of cutting edge technologies in pursuing of our scientific dreams. We truly believe that this congress will bring not only an opportunity for meeting new friends and scientific teams, but will give to all of you a possibility for new scientific goals and fruitful collaborations towards your and physics society future.

Sincerely yours,

International Organizing Committee

Dr. Dmitry Ivanov                         

Heinrich-Plett-Str 40

Theoretical Physics Department

University of Kassel                                                                                   23.02.2018


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